A Day in the Life of a Family Session

A day in the life of a family session is a 100% documentary session. I will join your family at wake-up time until bedtime and will tag along wherever you guys will go. I will not pose your family as you don’t need directions to be yourselves.  I will take pictures. Pictures of all the big and little nuances in your family’s everyday life. Pictures that will make a real and honest portrait of your family.
A full day session includes documenting a regular (or a special) day in your life at your home, or anywhere else. No matching clothes, no fake smiles. Just your daily routine as a family with all of its up and downs. With all of its beauty.

But my kids will throw tantrums and my house is a mess...

There is only one place where kids are not having meltdowns and all the other families homes are spick-and-span: Instagram. My photos will be a raw and unfiltered portrayal of a real family - your family.

What are we doing here?

We are creating your family legacy.
Your family will keep growing, keep changing but your family photos won’t. They will stay the same and keep all of your family stories alive for many years to come (as long as you back them up!).

A day in the life of a family session can be a full or half day.

You can see a full session here and here.

Have more questions? Feel free to shoot me an email and I would love to help!